Rooftrellen, The Treant Protector

2. Hero/Skills
-Sick Base Damage
-Great Tanker
-Had a recent AGI Buff — making him more imba
-Thrives early game due to excellent last hitting and tanking. Early Game Harraser and Ganker –(Highest Strength growth in the game –> High HP pool), high armor from living armor
-Good support skills that can turn allies invisible, provide high armour and regen, free wards
-Living armour can make him a tank early to late game
-5 sec disable which PWNs a$$ !!!
-Low Mana
-Slow attack speed
-Easily countered by strength heroes like Axe, Slardar
Skill Build
1. Living Armor
2. Stats/ Guise
3. Living Armor
4. Stats
5. Living Armor
6. Overgrowth
7. Living Armor
8. Nature’s Guise
9. Stats
10. Eyes
11. Overgrowth
12. Stats
13. Nature’s Guise/ Eyes
14. Stats
15. Nature’s Guise/ Eyes
16. Overgrowth
17-25. Eyes/ Stats
Item Build
Level 1 Starting Items:

Primary Core Build:
WTF? OMG.. your build is sh*t..
No its not. This set of items is for early-mid game tanking. You can get it cheap and fast. The armor from helm of dominator and iron will is to compliment living armor which will give you in total.. 5 + 5 + 10 = 20 armor early mid game. Hence you can jungledota like crazy and farm ancients faster due to lifestteal, armor and abnormally high hp while other enemies and allies have to depend on normal creeps and struggle with NCs/ Ancients at level 10. RoH will also give u +5 with RoR +2 and living armor +4 = 11hp/regen . In total 11hp/regen and 20 armor and high hp from threads, natural hp and stats (1200+HP) seems promising.
This will enable Treant to dominate early game and help allies to demolish towers and make a huge help in team ganks due to his early game tanking ability.
HOW BOUT MANA.. noob..
I pumped stats dor a reason..noob. Stats early game is enough to grant him mana pool enuff to spam L.A and cast O.G and guise.
Secondary Core Build:
Keep farming mid game (Lvl 10 – 14) for:

Then complete to:
OR Get Vitality Booster and complete to:
Why hyperstone?
That’s to increase Treant’s poor IAS so he can kill some.
Ok that’s your core build done by level 14. Now Treant can tank better than anyone.. time to rex and GG. If game continues:
Luxury Items:

Aim for this after getting heart/Stanic. It gives more armor and you can sell off HoIW. I regard this as the second secondary core item but I put it under luxury because game should be finished by the time you get heart/ stanic.

Gives 30% evasion and more aspd. I would recommend this after cuirass. A crazy tank with 30% evasion.

Ulti refresh ulti.. boring but good.

Thats 40 armor for you (w cuirass and living armor).

Good for his damage and tanking.
All these items increases his tanking capacity except refresher.
Early Game (Lvl 1 – 10):
Get any lane solo if you can. Preferably top for the scourge and sentinel because its near the secret shop. Try to farm and last hit and get RoH ASAP. If your enemy is melee.. it should give them a hard time. Everytime they come near your creeps just give them a few painful whacks which would send them back to heal beside tower with tangos. means more cash and exp for you!
For ranged heroes, it would be tougher but bear in mind that ranged heroes are normally agi/int heroes. Hence their hp should be easy to turn orange after a few whacks from you.
But how to whack ranged heroes of DotA Allstars?
Wear living armor.. and guise near a tree.. When he is near your tower.. go behind him and give 3 smacks. Continue doing that and he’ll be going back to fountain after using up tangos.
How to farm?
Wear living armor and last hit creeps. It should be easy due to his high base damage. Remember when they come close just whack them. You can tank more damage due to stats and armor.
Level 6: O.G time..
When there are still enemies in your lane. Keep harasing them with your ally. When their lives turn orangey press “G” and whack them. Hopefully your ally can help kill them esp if he/she is a nuker/stunner.
Level 7 – 10:
You should be getting HoIW by now. Just farm farm farm. If your creeps pushed down the 1st tower in your lane, go help
allies who have not done so. You have overgrowth… just go behind the enemies in their lane and whack them… your allies should help you stun or ulti them.. Then overgrowth and kill or at least make them trip to the fountain so you can destroy the near tower for more cash. Then farm Ancients after getting HoIW. You can tank them.
Level 11 – 15:
Farm for a reaver after getting RoH, HoD, HoIW. Go ancients and ncs. Harass any enemy you see by guise and whack and send them back. If enemy team is planning for an early push go help overgrowth and kill some and send back some. Don’t let them rex your 2nd tower. By Lvl 15, you should have one reaver ready.
Level 16 – 20: MID
This is the crucial point of the game. Where ganks, gang rape, batlefury farms always happens. Plant your eyes around rune spots and NC Areas, Roshan Area. The worst are pple like Jug and Luna who can farm uber fast at this point.. Complete your Reaver to Stanic/ Heart. And farm for hyperstone.
How to gang Luna, Jug, Troll.. etc?
These people are often late game lone rangers who are greedy and farm normal creeps and jungle NCs , ancients. Plant your eyes in the enemy’s NC camps and your NC camps.. cos they might use urs too.. Make sure you see them!!!! Always Ask 2 allies, esp stunners to gank them non stop if you see them. Now you goot your hyperstone and Stanic start to push and rex one lane of their base!!!
Level 20 – 25: LATE GAME..
If you get cuirass by now, I guess your role now is to tank..and of cos O.G..


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