dotA allstars begin!

there was a two type of tavern that was sentinal tavern,scourge tavern and neutral tavern. in the sentinal tavern have a 3 type of tavern such as light tavern,sunrise tavern,morning tavern. in neutral tavern has 3 types of tavern such as dawn tavern,dust tavern, and twilight tavern.Scourge tavern has 3 types of tavern such as evening tavern,midnight tavern, and dark tavern. In each of tavern has 3 types of heros.That heroes also known as agility,strength,intelligence. you can known each heroes types when you are play this game. Agility heroes has a symbol of shoes.Strength heroes has a symbol of hands. Intelligence has a symbol of head. That was a lot of heroes in dotA. the mission in dotA is to destroy a enemy tower and fountan. when the game is start, you will give a time to choose a mode such as -ap,-ar,-sp,-nt,-nn,-sh,-mm,-dm,-st,-sc,-aa,-ai,-as,-fr and so on. then you will pick up your heroes in that tavern.

In light tavern has 11 intelligence heroes such as crystal maiden,enchantress,faerie dragon,holy knight,keeper of light,prophet,silencer,slayer,storm spirit, and wind drunner.In sunrise tavern has 9 strength heroes such as admiral,beastmaster,centaur warchief,earth shaker,omniknight,pandaren brew master,rogue knight,stone giant,treant protector. in morning tavern has 11 agility heroes such as anti-mage,dwarven sniper,juggernaut,lone druid,moon rider,morphling,naga siren,phantom lancer,priestess of the moon,stealth assassin,and troll warlord.
In dawn tavern has 9 agility heroes such as bounty hunter,drow ranger,faceless void,geomancer,lightning revenant,gorgon,templar assasin,ursa warrior,vangeful spirit.In dust tavern has 9 strength heroes such as alchemist,bristleback,clockwerk goblin, dragon knight,magnataur,sacred warrior,sandking,spiritbreaker, and tidehunter.In twilight tavern has 10 intelligence heroes such as goblin techies,invoker,nicro'lic,ogre magi,shadow priest,shadow shaman,tinker,tormented soul,twin head dragon, and witch doctor.
In evening tavern has 11 agility heroes such as bloodseeker,bone fletcher,broodmother,nerubian assassin,nerubian weaver,phantom assasin,shadow fiend,soul keeper,spectre,venomancer,and netherdrake.In midnight tavern has 11 intelligence herose such as bane elemental,dark seer,death prophet,obsidian destroyer,demon witch,enigma,lich,necrolyte,oblivion,queen of pain,and warlock. In dark tavern has 12 strength heroes such as axe,chaos knight,doom bringer,life stealer,lord of avernus,lycanthrope,night stalker,pit lord,butcher,skeleton king,slitereen guarn and undying.


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