1. Alot of stats to play around with
2. Can fit almost into any situtation
3. Adaptive strike gets more powerful as the game progress
4. Waveform does not lose it effectiveness
5. Very High Damage, High armour and Attack Speed
Unfortunately a hero this good will have a bad side
1. Low Movement speed (285)
2. Fragile
3. Mana MAY prove to be a problem
4. VERY item dependent, if you are facing a good opponent who denys you alot, it may screw your game up
Now we understand this hero better, How do you play him?
Skill/Item build

Skill Build








Adaptive Strike

Adaptive strike


Adaptive strike

Adaptive strike



Ensure Str Points is 1 then add morph
Q:Why this skill build have no adaptive strike and replicate at early levels!?
A:Well… this is a all agi build, means that you will be converting ALL str points in AGi resulting in low health.Maxing out stats ensure that your hp will keep increasing EVEN if you convert and Stats also help increase Agi and Int.which increase mana, solving your mana problems.
Q:Replicate at last few levels? you kidding me?
A:This build is meant for taking down fast and quick. Unless you are very good with micromanaging, replicate shouldn’t be gotten. But, you can get it if you want to, changing a stat for a replicate if you think you need a passive spell or a ward (thank to remi for enlightening me)
Q:lvl 23 and lvl 24 have a dash.what does it means?
A:Dun add morph till you convert all Str to agi, or you MAY have str Points left over after morphing.
Q:What exactly does stats do?
A:Well i used to think that its for points to play around with. But now, i think stats are important. They increase MANA, something you truly really lack of. Agi and str point also help but mana really solve alot of problems.
Item build

Starting items

This starting gears should be able to help you and should provide you some help.
1.3 wraith bands <– This should be gotten after your first fountain trip.
2. Blade of alacrity
*Farm up 1050 gold to make yasha*
*Put down 2 wraith band and buy the next 2 item*
3. Boots of elvenskin
4. Yasha recipe Scroll
*Forms Yasha*
*Pick up the 2 wraith band to ensure maximum stats bonus*
*Save up 3050 gold to make S and Y*
*Put all 3 wraith band on the floor*
5. Ogre axe
6. Belt of giant strength
7. Sange recipe scroll
*Forms Sange*
8. Buy S and Y recipe scroll
*Form S and Y*
9.Helm of iron will
10.Mask of death
*Forms helm of dominator* <—– From here on your item slot will be full. So the rest of the item you just sell the wraith bands.
* From here onwards you can choose which item you need to get as it will depend on your situation.
If you need speed and more pushing ablility
11. BoT recipe scroll
*Forms BoT*
If you want greater surviving ability
11. Messerschmidts Reaver
12. Satanic recipe scroll
*Forms satanic*
If you want more dmg
11. Broadsword
12. Blades of attack
13. Crystalys recipe scroll
*Froms Crystalys*
14. Demon edge
15. Buriza-do kyanon recipe scroll
*Forms Buriza-do kyanon*
11. Eaglehorn
12. Quarter staff
13. Butterfly recipe scroll
*Forms Butterfly*
The rest of the build after is for you to choose, depending on what situation you may have.
Reason for items

1.BoT : Increase MS and Teleportation (handy for pushing)
2.Satanic : life steal, ability to heal while push reduce the amount of trip you have to go back fountain, useful.
3.S and Y : MS boost,which you lack of. Attack spd increase, decent str and agi boost, miam.
4.Butterfly : Stats boost, evasion and attack spd
5.Buriza : increase DPS
Q: Why 3 wraith early game?
A: it is to help to build up your foundation for later + your well needed mana for waveform.
Q: I see EoS in other people guide. Why not yours
A: I used to support EoS, but, it is really hard to farm up for. If you are confident in getting EoS then go aheda and get it.
Q: HoD???
A: Yes. I believe that HoD will be able to save your life alot of times. And will work quite well against those DPS heros who take you on. It also save on your fountain trips and you can regen back your health by visiting the NC.
Well Thats about it
Now about how to play

Early game
IF you pick or Random Morphling, -ma to see any easy target. Look out for nukers and disablers too. Nukers and disablers are a hazard to you. If not, start of with the early game items. Get a lane (Don’t solo unless you are able to.) And my advice to you is, DUN GET KILLED.
. your puny health and mana capacity would make you a VERY VERY VERY VERY easy target. Nukers will rip you to shreads while disablers will… disable you. Basically i prefer the wave, hit and run method. You basically wave behind the person and hit him, afterward you run. You may think it is a dumb idea but basically that how it works. if he is on low health then you can just finish him off. If you can catch up with him. Get your 3 wraith and you should be a few inches above the danger line.
Mid game
This is the part where Ganging starts to occur, and where you start to shine. You basically continue on with wad you are doing from lvl 8 to lvl 12. harassing and killing enemies. Aim for last hits and deny. The only difference is you have a HoD now (or not, depending). You may now think , Why the heck did i get this item???. All that will change after you get morph. You morph your str to agi. leaving behind 900+ health. You can choose to go for 1000+ health or lesser than 900 if you are those daredevil types. Basically get your S and Y asap or you wont even be able to catch up with your teammate. 335 ms with BoS… pathetic..
Late game
In my last guide i didn’t emphasize alot on late game. Well, late game is the danger zone. Ganging become often, 5 man push is also frequent. basically chaos is everywhere. You now play a crucial role as the dmg dealers and chasers. You survive physical attack. spell is the only danger to you. Stun and ganging is worse. You maybe needed alot, depending on if you play well or not. if you keep getting killed, morph some points to str. Adaptive strike should be at it maximum potential. replicate should now be dealing some damage and tanker hero should have enough health for it to be worth it to replicate. This strategy cannot turn you from a noob to a pro but thats is basically what you should do with Morphling
Now time for your allies.
The heros i feel are good with you are,
Zeus. He’s able to take down most of the opponent health in early game with his spells. remember that leveling and getting stats is one of your most top priority. And he kinda make people focus all their defence on spells. leaving you a big advantage with damage.
Drow ranger. Turns disablers and spell nukers into food. Cold arrow also slow down so you can catch up with your pathetic MS and do some serious DMG.
ES. He stuns and do major dmg with his spell. a very good ally to have.
Nevermore. With his aura and your dmg… Ouch!
AM. He takes care of mana while you take care of health.His blink is useful. Int heros beware.
Bane elemental. A full time disabler, but his nightmare is quite troublesome tho. nevertheless, a good ally.
With Great Allies, comes with Enemies
Worst Enemies
Stunners – They may be your good allies but on the other team it a different story
Disabler – Same as stunner, you have have a Slow MS, you wouldn’t want to be purge or slow down, would you?
Waveform tactics
Waveform is such a great skill. like i have mention above, its a blink+nuke+aoe and definitely is a geat skill. I will teach you how to use it to its maximum potential.
Waveforming behind your enemies. This is the basics of waveform. You waveform behind the enemy to deal him dmg, forcing him to run into your creep wave or to engage you. it can also be use as a harass and waveform also eliminates the enemies creep wave, useful for chasing and killing, initiating.
Pudge has blind hook, we have blind waveform. Like what pudge players do, they try to visualise the enemy hero. what we do not need to visualise is the enemy creeps. whereas a pudge player needs to. Its better to underestimate rather than Over estimate as morphling tends to move until he can waveform to the point you click. thus sometimes you may not be able to do it as his ms is slow. Also, morphling waveform has a small aoe of 250. So the animation might look like it did not hit but it will still do dmg if the person is in the aoe. You can also use it on invisible hero. Did it once on twice on riki, killing him. Although the other team did call me a maphacker.
You can also use your waveform to escape. You can just wave up a cliff. The trick here is to waveform smartly. Waveform to where the hero has to take a big round before reaching you. thus you will be able to escape. Sometimes just waveforming straight towards your base may work. make sure thayt your teammate is near to support you tho.
We have come to the end of my guide, Hope that it will prove to be useful and Morphling if played properly, Will OWN!!!! I will update my guide whenever i can so good luck, have fun and thanks for reading


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