RikimaruCF[X]’s Rikimaru Item Build 
CF[X]’s Riki Starter Kit In All Pick Games
Circlet of NobilitySlippers of AgilitySlippers of AgilityHealing Salve
2 slippers of agility ,because you have 2 feet’s, and they help you last hit nice. They can also be formed into Wraiths or Poor Man’s Shield
1 circlet to boost damage and give some HP and MP. Can be Formed into Wraiths.
A salve because it heals better than tangoes
I am not your God, you may get circlets over slippers if you think survivability problems could arise. As for Quelling Blade, it’s decent, but you can’t jungle early due to low HP. Damage on heroes are far better than a farm item. Quelling Blade should only be gotten if you are bad at last hitting(we last hit with Blink Strike anyway to farm after some Wraiths).
CF[X]’s Riki Core Items Set
Wraith BandWraith BandWraith Band
3-4 Wraiths to boost HP, damage, and mana so that blink can be use to last hit creeps. Poor Man’s Shield is also a good substitute to 1 Wraith. It gives decent defensive powers, especially against creeps, so you can jungle better if lanes are taken, or infested with enemy heroes.
Power Treads
Power Treads, because they supply good DPS and you need neither BoT’s teleport because you’re going to be the one who’s walking in the enemy forest, and Phase Boot’s active isn’t useful since youre going to use spells like every 5 seconds.
Scroll of Town Portal
Town portals, because we don’t get Travels
Diffusal Blade
Diffusal Blade, because it gives a tremendous damage boost and a nice slow, and can remove bad buffs, as well as giving free gold from heavy duty summons, like Necronomicon and Infernal. It also burns those painful mana out from enemy heroes, potentially disabling escaping chances.
CF[X]’s Riki Power Items
The Butterfly
Butterfly, because it further boosts DPS and it is the ideal item for Rikimaru’s concept
Manta Style
Manta Style, because you pump agi, and your illusions will be a pain. It gives huge MS bonus as well. This item is great late game asset.
Guinsoo`s Scythe of Vyse
Guinsoo’s Scythe Of Vyse, because when purge is all used, this item is a good asset to have. Furthermore, guinsoo is very powerful is team battles. This also makes you harder to counter.
Heart of Tarrasque
Heart Of Tarassque, because it boosts survivability of the 1.6k HPed brat we call Rikimaru.
Vladmir`s Offering

Items Debate
Sange and Yasha OR Diffusal Blade
The current pub game style Riki which I have been observing is SnY. Let me tell you something,
-Early game SnY>early game manta
-Late game manta>late game SnY
-Diffusal>Manta in any way
-Diffusal>SnY in any way


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